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Family Viewing Pass + Dreamtime Travel Kits

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Enjoy the full SLEEP SQUAD experience with the accompanying Dreamtime Travel Kit, sent directly to your home! The items within—including a dream journal, explorer goggle sleep mask, co-pilot badge and star projector—are woven into the experience to create imaginative, educational and intergalactic experiences without leaving Planet Earth. Enjoy unlimited views for four weeks. You can expect your Dreamtime Travel Kit(s) to arrive in two weeks or less.

SLEEP SQUAD is a family-friendly, interactive, virtual theater experience that turns your home into a rocket ship to launch kids into their dreams. Featuring brand new, unique, kid-driven comedy and music, this world premiere on-demand production creates a new kind of post-dinner, pre-bedtime ritual for kids age 4-12. SLEEP SQUAD can be enjoyed in one 45-minute experience, or in three unique episodes, ranging between 12 and 25 minutes in length.